Vertical Gardens

We recently installed our first "Vertical Garden" while being incredibly striking they are not Cheap and should be compared price wise, to a Patio Installation .

A Vertical Garden quite simply, is built onto a wall in 1 Square Meter Units.

Beautiful flowers and plants are something everyone wants and this is what a Vertical Garden brings to a space where space Is premium. Bringing plants to spaces not deemed suitable for plants until now.

They have positive physiological and environmental benefits, offering shelter and nesting places for birds and insects.

Installing a Vertical Garden is a great way to introduce plants to a small space deemed too small for a garden.

There can be plant losses just like in a normal Garden but losses are small.

The unit happily has an integrated water system within the framework of the unit that holds the Vertical Garden.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in Having A Vertical Garden Installed of any size .

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