The “Go Green” Lawn

When accessing your lawn you should look at it, as not just as a blank green carpet, but a myriad of thousands of separate plants making up your grass lawn. Nowadays it’s important to know that a good organic lawn i.e. Not Raised on Chemical Based Fertilisers can feed birds and insects and if you want host flowers that the Bees and ladybirds love.

A simple way to “Go Green” is leave the clippings in your Lawn, this is based on cutting the lawn regularly, this is achieved by removing the Box from the lawnmower, that holds the cut grass, and letting it back into the lawn. With regular cutting one will generate small amounts of Grass Clippings, which will then easily decompose into the Grass thus feeding it. 

 This in turn will release nitrogen which amazingly will provide up to 30 per cent of the lawn’s required nutrients, especially if you have clover, growing in the grass. It should be noted that cutting the Lawn too low, and apparently saving time is a “Fools Errand”, which actually leads to the Lawn getting stressed, and ruining its chances of thriving.  

In order for an organic lawn to thrive, the soil needs to be of good quality. If the quality of the soil is poor, organic fertilizers and composts will be needed. A good quality soil like, “Soil Enricher”… I insist in putting into every lawn we lay, it pays “Huge Dividends” as it contains around a minimum of 3-6% of organic matter. This is plant or animal tissue that is decomposing. The presence of this organic matter gives soil a firmer structure and helps it to retain water. It also helps to improve the aeration of soil. These are ideal growing conditions for a lawn.

If you decide to start a new Lawn either by Seed or Sod Once the lawn has settled down and has been cut a few times. Then the best method is to purchase the “Viano Range” of Lawn Feeds, this is a 100% Natural Lawn Fertilizer. I am a big fan as it has worked brilliantly for me. As lawns are “Hungry Beasts” …I have found that 4 to 5 Applications during the growing Season (Approx March to October) will guarantee a Superb Lawn.

Finally make sure to apply it for best results when the Temperature is above 12.C and of course water it in immediately.

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