Talks & Lectures given by Eugene Higgins

Eugene has delivered many and varied talks in recent years. His current talk examines “Gardening in the 21st Century” which looks at how gardening attitudes are changing. We are taking a more responsible approach to how we mange our green patch. Chemicals are being replaced with safer and more responsible organic products.

The talk outlines how current garden thinking looks to make the garden more nature friendly and outlines how we need to take a new look, at our gardens , and rethink 20th century mistakes in the new millennium.

Topics include Vertical Gardening, Green Roofs, Wildflowers, Edible Gardens, Organic Solutions , Water Harvesting, Lunar Gardening plus how to make your own Plant Food and Bug spray and an insight into new gardening trends around the world. Eugene will also bring some of his current favourite plants to discuss on the night and look at how they fit into a modern Garden Design.

The Talk has been received very well by various Gardening Groups and was featured in a series of talks for Dublin Public Libraries. Eugene has also lectured abroad, he was invited to present a series of talks, at the Philadelphia Garden Show in the USA in 2013 where he spoke about what constituted and defined “The Essence of An Irish Garden”.

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