Colour Green by Eugene Higgins has recently expanded into Radio Production, specifically to create Gardening themed radio programmes. Eugene has considerable media experience in both Radio, T.V and Newsprint, so moving in this direction, is in many ways a natural move.

"Garden Cafe" is the first production undertaken , the objective being to create refreshing new radio programs, for lovers of all things -Gardening.

Our intention is to develop the Brand over the next few years.

Click below to read Eugenes Article about how to keep houseplants happy in winter

Click below to listen Eugene's Garden Cafe


Past Media Projects

Over the last 15 years Eugene has been combining Horticulture and media work, working on the Afternoon Show on RTE for all six seasons.

Other media contributions have also included.

  • UTV Glorious Gardens
  • BBC Room For Improvement (Season 1)
  • Newstalk Sile Seoige Gardening Contributor

Eugene above on the Afternoon Show on RTE

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