Get your Garden ready for next year – Now!

Spring is generally thought of as the best time of the year to undertake major garden projects, but actually Autumn is the best time by far , to start a new garden project. Its actually my favourite time of the year to sort gardens out. 

The reason being is the soil is now as its warmest point having absorbed the Sunshine of the Summer, making it far more receptive, than Spring time when the ground is stone cold after a long winter. The plants are preparing to wind down so there is less pressure on keeping things watered as there is in the summer time. The days are shorter so there is the less stress of the long bright days, meaning the plants have a better chance to settle in, and establish themselves. This means they should be far better established next Spring. There by giving them a head start. 

The same goes for laying new lawns.  In terms of new plants ensure you have a Hose ready and hooked up to the tap, as using the watering can, on newly planted Gardens is futile. Ensure there is plenty of soil enricher applied around the new plants , a healthy dose of seaweed fertiliser applied and lastly everything is mulched in a finger depth of fine bark mulch. Get all this done successfully keeping in mind that in  Spring and especially Summer apply the same rules remembering the key is Water, Weed N Feed on a regular basis. 

Your Plants will have a fantastic head start, meaning they will be like a well trained football team of note….. Impressive, Attractive and lots of new admirers.

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