Cool Sheds

Sheds are lurking in almost every garden in Ireland, and as a general rule, they seriously lack any imagination in their design, this admittedly comes down to budget as a general rule.

I constantly request sheds when designing a garden without the standard apex roof preferring the "Lean To" look, it fits better and looks a lot snugger, less imposing on the garden so to speak. This design also lends itself very well to- Water Harvesting-as all the rain that falls on the roof can easily be gathered up and consequently used for the garden

Then there is the windows most are reminiscent of a Prison Cell .Options are thin on the ground on the, Window Front, it would appear. When one requests a change to the window design there is a lot of frowning and generally no other options .

So the fight to improve "Ireland Garden Sheds" has begun we have built a few too specification for clients and painted them (Pictured) put in better windows a descent roof and better quality wood which all admittedly leads to a Cool Shed and if course a greater cost.

In terms of a shed in place already that needs a bit of Loving … We prescribe Breathing New Life into them by simply painting them in a Multi-Coloured Effect (Pictured). Both sheds colour scheme have been created by our Colour Coordinator, it should be noted the painting takes an entire day and a lot of paint. The effect and finished look I think you will agree makes the mundane Shed suddenly become "The Star of the Garden".

A Low Leaning "Lean To".. Shed... Works really well in a compact garden especially when you work it into the Colour Scheme of the Garden..... The devil is in the detail"


We Love Our Primary Colours in the Garden ..''In this case we painted the Shed, Fence (in a Triple Colour Combination) and even the furniture

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