Bloom 2023

Thank you for your interest in Colour Green. We hope you had a lovely day at Bloom. 2023

"Up from the past that's rated in pain, I rise" Hence, the name of the garden "Rise Garden"

Plant List for Bloom Garden

Garden Brief:

Cyprus Trees: Either side of main structure represents the 6 pillars of justice.

Lavender: Represents young people in our care

Yellow & Orange Girums: Represents the care staff.

Berberis: Either side of the front of the structure represents the boys when they arrive on the campus. "THORNY" is the word that they used.

White Flowers: Found throughout the garden & these represent Hope.

Ferns: Found throughout the garden & these represent Affection & Support.

2 Sorbes Trees: Represent the layers of Management in Oberstown.

Hychins(Tall Pink Flowers): Represents all the support partnerships that are available inside & outside of Oberstown.

Ferns (along the top of the fence): Represents the general public looking in.

Path: Represents the journey of each young person from admission to discharge. Their journey is rocky (stones)

Mosaics: 5 pieces made by the young people.

  1. Small Fish: at the start of the path is a symbol for the little knowledge the young people have on arrival.
  2. Sunshine and brighter days
  3. Moon: Ins & Outs of Life
  4. Dove: Hope & Peace
  5. Large Fish: A new level of knowledge that the young people have gained throughout their time in Oberstown.

Gaisce Awards: Bronze, Silver & Gold... all young people participate in this & it is part of their journey through Oberstown.

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Thyme: Represents the transition towards the end of their journey& rejoining society.

Mural: 3 levels each representing a different stage of the young persons journey throughout Oberstown.

Base of Structure: Water represents reflection.

Window on Fence: This represents the opportunity it is filled with ferns (support) & white flowers (hope)

Bench: Time for reflection. Top of the bench is made from Oak doors from a decommissioned unit in Oberstown.

Mirrors: Time for reflection.

Boulders: These have the handprints of the young people so they are present in the garden today.

Colour Scheme: While the sound people did not know much about flowers they were quite vocal about what colours they wanted which was yellow, purple, blue and orange.



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