Gardens Gone Mad

With the recent rise in the Housing Property Market it seems like an ideal time to look at other aspects of a house purchase, that await one when the deed is finally completed, namely the garden. I have found through bitter experience that rarely if ever, a practical budget is ever discussed during the purchase,

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Winter Colour

The more Winter Flowering Plants in the garden the better. I know only too well, working as a Landscape Gardener in Dublin in the Winter, how dreary the garden can be, and how adding a selection of Winter flowering plants can really improve the demeanour of a Garden.  It is quite surprising when you investigate,

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The Truth, Naturally

Eugene Higgins explains why we need to turn our backs on plastic grass and embrace what comes naturally. “When I started out in landscaping in 2000, I wanted to trade under a name that would define my desire to take a more modern approach to gardening. I needed a simple phrase that would sum up the

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Gardening with Asthma

I thought I would revisit an article I wrote a couple of years ago…It concerns a garden that was devised specifically  for…. Asthma Sufferers…. It was featured at Bloom id say about 5 years ago…the garden in question was one which allowed people with hay fever or asthma an opportunity to step into a garden

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Puglia & its Plants

Italian style gardens have remained a constant with me. I love there their meticulous geometric design style of straight lines and circles, there gravel courtyards, surrounded by overflowing flowers. Typical Italian gardens are made up of walls, pools, boxwood hedges, olive trees, the classic slender Italian cypresses, lavenders and ficus trees. Then there is the

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50 Shades of Roses

The Art of Growing Roses is something that I have admired from afar. If one is going to take growing roses seriously then it requires commitment, lots of time and a bit of passion. There are though greater men than me, who understand roses and all there requirements, and one of those men is legendary

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The Garden Colour Scene

As a young lad working in my parents Garden Centre, I had many an enquiry that perhaps, I was not sufficiently qualified to entertain. One specific one, stuck in my mind for many years, it concerned an elderly lady, who wanted to create a ..White Flowering…only planting scheme for her whole garden. This sounded at

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